About our School

The motto of the school- ‘The Brave Rule The Earth’ is drawn from the main ethos of Rajasthan that places bravery above all human virtues. '

Vision & Mission

about-rajasthan-schoolBy preserving our rich heritage, continuously seeking out new spheres of knowledge and sharing our resources with others, we build a brighter future. Our institute nurtures the growing minds of children by keeping them inspired and guides them towards a deeper understanding of and appreciation for ideas and world cultures. We strive to impart the highest quality of education while cultivating individual pride as well as the school spirit. We provide our children with a flourishing environment with optimal conditions for learning and create equal opportunities for personal and collective evolution. Creativity, innovation and the spirit of enquiry is celebrated at our Institute as these elements are recognised for their powerful role in enhancing one’s overall development . Every child is treated with the same concern , respect and caring attitude which they are expected to share with their peers and the wider community.

About The School

about-rajasthan-school-missionThe proud motto embodied by The Rajasthan School is ‘The Brave Rule The Earth. It is also the main ethos of Rajasthan that values bravery above all other human virtues. Bravery isn’t just the display of physical prowess, nor is it simply the willingness to sacrifice of one’s life in battle. Bravery includes mental, moral and spiritual courage as well. We honor those who demonstrate the courage to stand up for their cherished beliefs and ideals even if the greater public opinion or circumstance stands against them. We instill this bravery in each and every one of our students, encouraging them to defend the weak, the oppressed and vulnerable. We hope that each of our students are able to invoke the courage, nobility and will power to champion the right cause even in the face of adversity.

Our School

the_rajasthan_school_campus52The main school building is an imposing edifice with elegantly designed classrooms and science laboratories that are well equipped with the latest technology. Our rich, spacious library follows an open shelf system and is a source of immense knowledge and inspiration for our students. The computer center is a special feature, a vital resource for our Institute to support research, communication and investigation. We have rooms dedicated entirely to the study of art and music which are continuously bursting with creativity. The boarding lodges are well furnished with air conditioners, air coolers, modern kitchens, a community dining hall and a common room for recreational activities.
Play grounds are expansive and manicured, spreading into a basket-ball court, football, volleyball court, cricket field, badminton and kho-kho court. There are facilities for yoga, table-tennis and other indoor games all of which highlights the value we place on sports, leisure and physical fitness. These facilities blend together wonderfully and are complemented by a lush green stadium which hosts our frequent ceremonies, gatherings and school events.

Geographical Location

Kotputli is a quaint, yet rapidly developing town located in the Jaipur District of Rajasthan. The Rajasthan School is set against a picturesque landscape that retains its natural purity and is positioned conveniently on the Jaipur-Delhi Road. It is safely tucked away from the distractions and unwholesome elements of modern day city life. Nestled in the peace and serenity of rural Rajasthan our campus is an ideal place to calm the mind and focus one’s efforts towards achieving academic success and genuine personal growth.

Historical Sketch

The key patrons of The Rajasthan School are the family members of Shri Ramji Lai Yadav. The family has a long history of promotion education in India’s rural areas. Their first venture involved establishing a co-educational school in Rajasthan’s Jhunjhunu District in the year 1958, which stood proudly as the first and only school in the entire Narnaul Khetri area during that time period. The aim was to make institutionalised education available in areas where children had little to no access to organised learning. Rural India has been notorious for undermining the girl child in unfair and sometimes unforgiving ways. One such instance of this injustice is seen in withholding education from daughter who have been perceived as undeserving of such benefits. The Yadav Family frowns upon this negative attitude and have fueled several welfare campaigns that see to the upliftment of young girls and women.
The Yadav Family understands the great power of quality education and have contributed their lives towards doing all they can to improving and implementing new systems. Their latest project “The Rajasthan School” which has been set up in a relatively progressive area of the state, is a significant manifestation of their vision. Today, this new school has blossomed into a full-fledged co-educational complex due to the collective efforts of its illustrious luminaries and members.

School Result

All India Secondary School Examination and Senior Secondary School Certificate Exam: 2013-2014.
The school excelled academically revealing remarkable results at Secondary and Senior Secondary level for the session spanning 2013-2014. From the stream of Science, 7 students emerged with flying colours with the highest acheiver scoring at 95%. An equally triumphant moment for The Rajasthan School was when 5 students from the stream of Commerce scored 90% marks in Economics, Accountancy and Business studies. At the secondary level, 13 students achieved an incredible 10 out of 10 CGPA making everyone at the Institute proud.

Affiliation Status

The School has renewed its affiliation with C.B.S.E. till 31.03.2022.”
Affilition No. 1730293

Our Courses

rajasthan-school-laboratoryThe Rajasthan School, offers all the Three streams at Senior Secondary Level
1.  Science Stream with subjects (English , Physics, Chemistry,Mathematics / Biology, Physical Education, I.P, Painting
2.  Commerce Stream with subjects (English, Account, Economics, Business studies, Mathematics , Physical Education, I.P, Painting
3.  Humanities with subjects (English, Political Science, Geography, Economics, History, Physical Education, Fine Art, I.P. )