Hostel Facilities


the_rajasthan_school_hostel15Residential facilities provide our children with a comfortable and supportive home environment away from their own homes. The hostels are well-furnished with modern amenities and do not compromise on space. Air conditioned / cooled hostel facilities are available for students who join us from abroad, different parts of the country and have a difficult time adjusting to Rajasthan’s summers and desert heat. Sounds levels are monitored within the boarding lodges to maintain a peaceful environment with zero disturbances to the concentration of students.

We understand that being far away from real home and family might be a difficult experience for many children. We have taken great measures to ensure that no child feels emotionally strained or unsupported during their stay with us. Each hostel is placed under the care of a trained residential warden who ensures that the living environment for the students is supportive for their growth and stability. Further checks are placed on their well being as we have assigned individual tutors to groups of ten students to behave as a mentor and local guardian. Senior students are selected for their character and superior academic performance to step into the role of prefects, captains and monitors. We also have respective House Masters, Asst. House Masters and Matrons who look after children and provide them with a sense of security, discipline and happiness while residing with us.


  • Air Conditioned
  • Air Cooled

Note : Number of rooms/dorms with capacity their of


  • House Masters
  • Assistant House Masters
  • Supervisors
  • House Mothers
  • Assistant House Mothers