Breach of Discipline

rajasthan-school-libraryWe believe in discipline with firmness. A student may be suspended / expelled / rusticated if he/she is found to be guilty of misconduct, insubordination, disobedience, theft, fraud, damage to or loss of school’s goods or property, absence without leave for more than 10 days, habitual late attendance etc. smoking, conviction in any court of law for any criminal offence involving moral turpitude, giving false information, threatening, abusing or assaulting any school employee or student, abetment of or attempt at abetment of any of the above, failure or refusal to wear school uniform, any action which adversely affects the good governance of the institution.

Travelling Arrangement
School shall provide an escort for the hostel students if the number is more than five from one particular place. Parents will have to make their own arrangement for their wards to travel to and from the school at the beginning and end of the term. No student will be allowed to leave the school unescorted unless the parent gives their consent in writing.

School Terms
Academic session is from April to March. The first term is from April to October and the second term from November to March. School has three long vacations when the boarders are permitted to go home.

• If a student is to be withdrawn after the Annual Examination in March, the intimation must be submitted to the school under receipt by 15th January otherwise fees will become payable up to next September.
• A sum of Rs. 200/ – is to be deposited for transfer certificate.
• If a student who has joined school in April, seeks withdrawal within 2 to 3 months fees will become payable up to December to partially compensate the school for loss due to seat remaining Vacant for the whole of the academic year.
• The student leaving the school without information / permission will be liable to pay full charges of one year.