Hostel Rules

rajasthan-school-cafeteria1 . Food parcels from parents are not encouraged. In case they are sent, the contents of parcels are shared by the inmates of the Hostel.
2. Students are not allowed to keep cash with them. No money is to be given to them and no money should be sent directly to the students. Any unauthorized money found with the students may be confiscated and credited to the personal A/C of the students. Students will be given pocket money from their personal accounts as per school rules. Borrowing or lending money and other personal belongings from each other is strictly prohibited.
3. Students of class Ito IX are expected to write one letter every week. In writing to and for a student, the letter must bear the A/C No. of student, the class and House of the student. Change of address or phone number should be communicated to the school immediately in a separate letter marked change of address.
4. Students must not be given walkman, camera, mobile or other expensive articles to be brought to the hostel. School will not entertain any complaint against any damage or loss of such articles.
5. Private clothes are not allowed.
6. For ordinary ailments parents are not informed. If a student is admitted to the hospital, a communication is sent to the guardians.
7. All correspondence by parents / guardians regarding the student should be addressed to the Principal.
8. Parents and guardians are not expected to meet their wards direct in their Hostels. They should meet them through their Housemasters. The parents and guardians are also requested not to visit their wards too often.
9. Ragging in any form is totally prohibited. Harassment, stealing, teasing or any form of ill treatment inflicted on juniors or other students will constitute a serious offence and may result in the expulsion of the offender from the school.
10. No fund raising or collection for any purpose maybe done in the school.
Leave Rules :
Students normally are not permitted to go on leave in the middle of the term except in very urgent cases as given below:
a) Students may be permitted to a maximum of 3 days leave if there is any important function or emergency in the family. Leave of this kind shall not be granted during examination days.
b) Leave may be granted for special medical treatment, provided the same is supported with medical documents.
For leave, there should be a written request from the parent. Neither a request by the student nor any telephonic request from the parent shall be entertained. It is the responsibility of the parents to see that boarders are brought back on the scheduled date, failing which the school reserves the option to allow the child to be taken back or not.
Boarders who have gone out due to some disease will have to produce the medical fitness certificate before they are taken back.