The Campus

the_rajasthan_school_campus51The Rajasthan International School is a Senior Secondary Co-educational English Medium school affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education in New Delhi. Our Institute is fully equipped with cutting edge educational facilities. We implement all types of co-curricular activities, sports and games facilities into every student’s curriculum so that they experience an all-rounded development of their mind and personality. Our carefully maintained, sprawling campus extends over 13 acres, containing buildings that have been designed by renowned architects. Ample open spaces accentuate our territory, as ideal spots for our students to play in and perform healthy outdoor activities in harmony with nature.


rajasthan-school-infrastructure8The School Library is resplendent with information on a vast array of subjects, drawn from numerous ages, genres and cultural sources. It is little surprise that our library is a popular haunt for our student who are avid readers. The library contains a rich stock of dictionaries, magazines, journals, audio-video cassettes and CDs which offer wholesome intellectual food to both or teachers and students. The school organizes annual book fairs to encourage students to develop sound and frequent reading habits

Computer Club

the_rajasthan_school_labs47Our computer lab is an important center for research and communication. It has high speed internet, email and browsing services which allow the students to keep in touch with the digital world and access an even wider realm of information.


the_rajasthan_school_labs26Our Institute believes that theory is not enough. practical application of what is learnt from text books is vital for acquiring a firm grasp of scientific fact. In order to keep up with the rapidly evolving pace of science and technology, our Laboratories are kept well-equipped and periodically upgraded to stay connected with the latest trends in education. Our Maths laboratories have been set up in the school in strict accordance to the CBSE guidelines.

Mess & Meals

the_rajasthan_school_mess-1Nutrition plays a vital role in development and wellbeing. Meals are a community experience that takes place regularly in our massive dining hall that is attached to a modern kitchen which caters for our student’s dietary needs while keeping a strict eye on hygiene. We take great care is seeing that our students are served a hearty vegetarian diet four times a day. Milk is served every morning. Special dietary allowances can be made, provided that the student can support their requirements with relevant medical documentation. Housemasters and teachers participate in meal time with the students.

Electricity & Water Supply

the_rajasthan_school_tuck_shop-36The School provides an abundant supply of hot and cold water. Our electricity supply is supplemented by our own high power generators in case of power failures. We possess our very own water purification plant to produce pure, sanitised drinking water

Tuck Shop & School Canteen
Students can satisfy their miscellaneous needs at the school’s very own tuck shop.

* The School canteen provides refreshmen through various soft drinks and snacks at reasonable prices.

Swimming Pool (coming soon)