Primary School

Our pre-primary children blossom in a nurturing environment. Two class teachers and a lady support staff for each section cater to individual needs of the little ones. Sensory development and environmental studies approach to learning makes our curriculum holistic and child-centric. Hands-on activities, experiments like cooking without fire, music and dance are provided with opportunities for each child to maximize his/her potential in a comfortable and non-competitive environment.
Fun activities for the pre-primary like Splash pool, Parents day out, Grandparents day are an integral part of the value based education followed across the school.

The child is the most precious and valuable gift of our lives. All our aims, purposes, processes, choices, decisions change as soon as we become parents. The focus and centre of our lives changes completely. Being sensitive to this fact, we have created an environment that your child deserves, an environment that you can trust, that expresses your love and our care and concern. We offer the best infrastructure, methodology; curriculum well trained team and good educational equipments. The Rajasthan School Welcome parents for a joyful journey towards light for your child.
Our environment is a space which the child enters but is so lured that he is unable to withdraw from it. Our space is an experience that stays with the child and becomes a part of his or her self. He internalizes all the environment has to offer- as knowledge, as confidence, as capabilities, as expressions of aptitudes, as his impeccable social skills, behavior and purposeful demeanor. Our environment embodies the three-way interaction process. The teacher in relation to the child is a second mother. She is a facilitator, a guide and a nurturer. The teacher would introduce and methodically present the environment and its micro components to the child.